It remains to be seen whether Korean Air be among the airlines flying us.

Towards the end of our last world record attempt, we missed the last plane by 4 minutes, and any hope of a world record went out the window. A bit annoying, let’s say.

Little motivates more than failure, so here we fly again. The team is not exactly the same, but radio DJ and TV host Erik de Zwart and serial entrepreneur Ronald Haanstra are still flying strong with me. Both are flying Dutchmen.

The goal is the same as last time; To travel around the world, via all the six inhabited continents, faster than anyone else by scheduled transport.

The question is whether we will try the same route, or whether we have found better options. Our quest will commence somewhere south of Norway sometime in January.  The current record is 63 hours and 47 minutes. In less than three days we need to visit Africa, Asia, Europe, North America, Oceania and South America – although not necessarily in that order – and return to where we started. And we are limited to scheduled airlines only, as it is one of the criteria for the record to be approved as a Guinness World Record.

And as our budget dictates it.

But it isn’t all fun and play. We are also raising money for The Simple Drinking Water Foundation that provides clean water technology to developing countries. Please check out their work.

The journey is GPS tracked, and you can follow our progress live here on (tracking map below). We’ll use the hashtag #RecordRunWorld on Twitter and Instagram. 

Follow our world-record attempt above. Embed the map on your website.

How to track a travel world-record.




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