Creative Commons licensed photo by David Spinks.

It’s been months since I last participated in a travel world record attempt, so here we go again. This time I will be joined by radio DJ and TV host Erik de Zwart (NL), happiness seeker Ronald Haanstra (NL), globetrotter Derek Bell (UK) and rockstar PelleK (NO). Our mission? To travel around the world, via all the six inhabited continents, faster than anyone else by scheduled transport. And yes, that means planes.

Our adventure starts somewhere in Africa on June 6, and if everything goes to according to plan, we will return to the same place 63 hours later with a new world record. The current record is 63 hours and 47 minutes. In less than three days we will visit Africa, Asia, Australia, North America, South America and Europe. We will fly on scheduled airlines only, one of the criteria for the record to be approved as a Guinness World Record.

We managed to land a sponsor deal for the record-attempt with ComeOn!, a European betting giant. The company will let you bet on various aspects about the trip. Perhaps you can guess our route?

– We have experienced a lot through the years, but never done a world-record! This will be a once-in-a-lifetime experience. The rest of the team and I are very excited, and really looking forward to hectic, but epic hours of travel around the globe, PelleK said.

This is the most international world record attenmpt I have taken part in with participants from three countries.

– Our goal is always to have fun, to inspire people to explore the world and to show that even big dreams can come true. We hope to reach new audiences through such an international team with PelleK documenting the record attempt to his followers worldwide, Erik de Zwart said. 

But it isn’t all fun and play. We are also raising money for The Simple Drinking Water Foundation that provides clean water technology to developing countries. Please check out their work.

The journey is GPS tracked, and you can follow our progress live on and of course here on (tracking map below). We’ll use the hashtag #RecordRunWorld on social media. 

Follow our world-record attempt above. Embed the map on your website. How to track a travel world-record.







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