Andreas Munkelien (from left), Gunnar Garfors, Øystein Djupvik and Øystein Garfors
are just about ready to attempt a travel world record. We started in Cumbria.

Summer is almost over, and it is time to yet again go all-in and try for another travel related world-record this weekend. This year, RecordRun goes to the UK. How many English counties can the four Vikings visit in 24 hours? You can now follow our GPS tracks on the embedded map LIVE.

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Adrian Butterworth and I.

There are 48 ceremonial counties in England. Is it possible to visit them all in 24 hours? Or how many will we manage?

It will not be the first time we attempt to set or beat slightly restless world records:

Some of this travel madness has also made it into my book, “198: How I Ran Out of Countries“. I can’t help but quote a recent review by Tom Woods.

With with my brother Øystein Garfors
(he’s to the right).

Rating 9.5 out of 10: 
When I grow up I want to be Gunnar Garfors.
The book’s casually written style, breaking up each country into bitesize chunks and grouping them by common theme under 21 umbrella chapters, lends itself well to the pick-up-and-put-down reader, which as a book about travel works extremely well.

Reading 198 was not only an enjoyable experience, but it made travel blues seep from the pores of my skin. At times I wanted to be just like Gunnar, a man whose ambition and burning desire to visit every country on Earth was conveyed by his written word.

Andreas Munkelien
on his preferred mode
of transport.

This is a man who ‘gets’ travelling, looking past the two-week all-inclusive beach holidays and popular tourist attractions to try new things and meet people with different values, beliefs and behaviours, from all over everywhere.

His analysis of ‘western arrogance’ is astute. Why stay in what we label safety zones, when there is a whole planet out there ready to explore?

You may buy the book all over the world.

How to track a travel world-record.

Media: How to embed the map on your website.

With Øystein Djupvik (left), Tay-young Pak and I.