We managed 19 countries in less than 24 hours.

Yay! We managed to visit 19 countries in 23 hours and 33 minutes, all in one day on September 21. That’s a world record. See how we did it.

We had to follow the three rules set out by Recordsetter.com:

Photo: Pure Content.

1. must physically stand in each country
2. must complete visits within any consecutive 24-hour period
3. must provide media evidence
The second criteria was documented through the usage of a GPS tracker we used throughout the journey, and can be seen here. The great app is provided by Greenalp.com, and comes highly recommended. The Telegraph has also made a nice graphic that shows the route and modes of transports clearer.  
Photo: Pure Content.

That we physically stood in each country is documented in the photos below. Do note that the order varies from the map, as the photos are listed chronologically. The reason is that we drove through some countries before returning to actually stand in them.

John Bjarne Lium of the TV and video production house Pure Content filmed us before our departure in Greece, and caught up with us again in Germany to hitch a ride on our last leg. He is currently editing a documentary about our trip, you can already watch a short video report.

The media attention we received was massive, throughout the world. Here are just a few:

Photo: Pure Content.

News Update on BBC World, CBS Radio, News.com.au, The Telegraph, Norwegian Broadcasting Corporation’s children newscast NRK Super, Norway’s biggest newspaper VG,  Huffington Post and Daily Mail to mention a few. More press coverage here.

And thanks a bunch to the inspiration provided by the former world record owners. They followed us and cheered on us during our trip. For the press release and the official press photos, see here.

Big thanks also to the Nordic betting company ComeOn that really believed in us and was our sponsor. They offered live odds during our trip and provided us with great PR and marketing efforts.

19 photos from 19 countries in 24 hours. 

1: Greece.

2: Bulgaria.

3: Kosovo.

4: Macedonia. 

5: Serbia.

6: Bosnia and Hercegovina.

7: Croatia.

8: Slovenia.

9: Hungary.

10: Czech Republic.

11: Slovakia.

12: Austria.

13: Germany.

14: The Netherlands.

15: Belgium

16: Luxembourg. 

17: France.

18: Switzerland.

19: Liechtenstein.


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