The Two Double Landlocked Countries

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  1. I got Liechtenstein right but got the wrong Stan, nice post!

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  8. Alan Moore says:

    This post is wrong, Uzbeckistan borders on Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan which both have a coastline on the Caspian, look at a map, so Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan are not landlocked and therefore Uzbekistan is not double landlocked

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  21. the wikipedia article on landlocked country mentions this:

    Several countries have coastlines on landlocked seas, such as the Caspian and the Aral. Since these seas are in effect lakes without access to wider seaborne trade, countries such as Kazakhstan are still considered landlocked.

    so, for all intents and purposes, uzbek is a landlocked, in fact, a multi-landlocked country.

    this post did not mention about enclave landlocked countries – san marino and vatican inside italy and lesotho inside south africa – countries that have a single international border.