Everyone likes travelling. Or at least to read about it. I both travel and like to write about it. I do so here, on garfors.com, but also occasionally elsewhere. 

Me. Photo: Jannecke Sanne.

Most recently I have agreed to write a piece at least once a month for the web edition of Capital, the biggest German business monthly. It was founded in 1962 and focuses on leadership and management, arts and links between business and society.

My writings furthermore appear in Terminal U, an online magazine focusing on air travel. The publisher finds it rather relevant that I have been to hundreds of airports and that I have travelled by a couple of hundred plane companies. 
Some of my posts can also be found in Business Insider, a U.S. business and technology news website. 
And there is the odd article elsewhere, as in Capital Eritrea and Afghan Scene.

Finally, my blogpost on the world’s 25 least visited countries has gone viral, and versions of it appear in both English and other languages. Those are written by others, I should add. My language abilities would have been revealed if I were to write those myself. I do usually cope when ordering in restaurants, though. Given that I carry a notepad and can actually draw a fish if worst comes to worst.

Some of the posts in non-English:


  1. Gunnar :
    Do you speak all these languages or has it been translated by a journalist?

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