Tuvalu, the ‘Sinking’ Country

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24 Responses

  1. Tuvalu really sounds like my kind of place. It's been on my travel "wish list" for almost 10 years now, but I guess I haven't made it enough of a priority. After finding your blog, though, I'm realizing that I really need to re-prioritize and get back to traveling to less visited places. Maybe I can make Tuvalu my 142nd last country to visit.

  2. I think you should…Tuvalu is a must see, must experience!

  3. Nina says:

    Whoa! A jeepney in Tuvalu! I wonder how it got there.

  4. Anonymous says:

    Tuvalu gets a boost to its national economy because of the good fortune that came from its national internet designation: .TV

    An American company pays $10 Million a year to rent it and sell sites with the designation.

  5. Stefan Kirschner says:

    Gunnar are you going to write a book about visiting all the countries? Do you really beat Maurizio Giuliano in visiting all the countries at the youngest age?

  6. Hi Stefan,

    No, he visited all at the age of 29. I will be 37, and the youngest to have visited all countries on my spare-time (Giuliano and a few others have travelled to many countries profesionally, as part of their work).

  7. Stefan Kirschner says:

    Yes he works for the UN. I didn't know they had a special category for spare time travelers. How about a book? Maybe you can compete now with Charles Veley although that would seem pretty hard!

  8. Hehe…Veley has a lot of money.

    I am working on a book, hopefully due next year. No such category in Guinness Book of Records, but a little claim to fame, at least…

  9. Stefan Kirschner says:

    By the way, how did you get a visa for Saudi Arabia?

  10. I got a transit visa at their embassy in Oslo. Easy, it only took a few days. All I needed was my plane ticket, showing my onward journey.

  11. Stefan Kirschner says:

    So how long was your stopover there?

  12. I was there for 3 days.

  13. Stefan Kirschner says:

    How exactly did you manage that? Did you have one flight with such a long stopover or was it two separate tickets? Thanks

  14. Johnston Reid says:

    Is it true that there are no banks in Tuvalu? Just curious. I mean you can always try to bring in enough but what happens if you run out?

  15. Chris says:

    You left out one of the most interesting aspects to Tuvalu: they don't have the capacity to accept credit cards. Anywhere. Not even for cash advances at the National Bank. Not sure if there is another country in the world without any such facilities. Even in Kiritimati you can use them!

  16. First of all great blog! But I am very curious about the Saudi Arabia transit visa as I am thinking about doing a round trip from Doha to Riyadh in June.. Did you have a round trip or two separate tickets? Did you have to show up at the embassy in Oslo? I have looked everywhere for information for Norwegian passport holders and would be grateful for any answer.

  17. Abarao says:

    And stamps – it distributes hundreds of its own first day covers around the world on a regular basis from a delightful Philatelic Bureau that is well worth a visit when next you are in Funafuti (the airport acronym of which is "FUN"!)

  18. You are right. Cash is definitely needed!

  19. Hello,

    I had to separate tickets, showed up at the embassy in Oslo and had my transit visa in hand 3 days later. Best of luck!

  20. Thanks Garfors for your blog. i was looking to get help to visit Tuvalu. can you help me how to get visa from india.

  21. First of all excellent web site! Yet I'm quite curious about your Saudi Arabic transit visa as i feel planning on doing a around journey via Doha for you to Riyadh in June.. Online Yacon tablet Do you then have a around journey or a couple of separate passes? Do you have to appear on the embassy in Oslo? We've appeared all over the place intended for facts intended for Norwegian passport slots and also could be grateful for any kind of remedy.

  22. Nabeel Khan says:

    I want to visit this island also. can you guide me. I am in Dubai.

  23. It is my dream to travel to such countries like Tuvalu it just seems to me that people are more social and enthusiastic towards their fellow man in places like this and not to mention the small population…
    I feel terrible for being part of the cause Tuvalu is sinking even as I type on this laptop…
    But maybe a visit there would really help me grow as a person and find enlightenment and change how my perspective on life. If anyone has seen Tuvalu or happens to know could they please answer my question which is the following; Considering I'm a vegetarian would there be many options foodwise at Tuvalu?