These Airlines Fly to Most Countries

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9 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    "United is due to merge with US Airways in 2013, something that will make it the biggest airline in the world. It still only just about makes it onto this list and US Airways will not add a lot of new countries."

    oh yeah?

  2. Anonymous says:

    I believe that was suppose to say American Airlines…

  3. Anonymous says:

    Just to let you know that Qatar Airways fly to over 120 destinations. Newest one is Chicago.

  4. Anonymous says:

    You might want to check this out

  5. Anonymous says:

    "…Hong Kong, Bermuda, Curacao, Tahiti, etc. are not own countries…"
    Curacao is most definitely a country. To be precise a constituent country of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. So the Kingdom as whole is UN member, but consists of 4 countries (Aruba, Curacao, Sint-Maarten and The Netherlands).

  6. Anonymous says:

    Sorry, Curacao counts as a beverage but not a country.

  7. sanam arzoo says:

    i think more essential product here is the amount of improve. All we know that the middle of severity of flight tickets is sliding towards eastern. As it is apparent on the prices. Regards.It seems to be that AirAsia is losing from the airlines

  8. Anonymous says:

    His figures are based on 2011 figures, now we're in 2014. Relax.

  9. Micle Kar says:

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