A bombed tank from the war with the Soviet Union is still by the road in Herat, Afghanistan.
This country is however, contrary to common belief, not on the list of the most dangerous countries.

Where would you not want to go on holiday? To war zones? They actually aren’t too bad. Considering. Less people are killed in armed conflict now than ever before in modern history.

By: Gunnar Garfors. He travelled 5 continents in 1 day and visited every country. On Twitter: @garfors.

Of the 526,000  people that die violently every year, ‘only’ 55,000 die in armed conflict or war. It is still a lot, yet half of what was the case in the 1990s, one third of the war deaths during the cold war and a hundreth of what they were during WWII, according to the magazine Foreign Policy.

UNODC or United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime keep statistics on annual murder rates, or what they call ‘intentional homicide rate. Do note that numbers may be manipulated or underreported by governments.   The overview provided by Wikipedia is easier to follow. UNODC defines this as ‘unlawful death purposefully inflicted on a person by another person.’
So which countries should you avoid as a tourist? I have been unable to find statistics that isolate murdered tourists, so I am echoing the UNODC numbers. There are two ways of trying to approach the question; The total number of intentional homicides and the homicide rate per 100,000 people. I will go through both.

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Most dangerous countries, accumulated numbers

9 of the top 25 countries here are in Africa, 8 are in the Americas while are 7 in Asia. Russia is located in both Europe and Asia, and is the only European entry. There are armed conflicts or wars in 5 out of the 25 countries. The most surprising country on the list may be the United States which is the second most visited country in the world.
25. Cameroon 3,700 homicides (19.7 per 100,000)
24. Bangladesh 3,988 homicides (2.7 per 100,000)
23. El Salvador 4,308 homicides (69.2 per 100,000)
22. Myanmar (Burma) 4,800 homicides (10.2 per 100,000)
21. Philippines 4,947 homicides (5.4 per 100,000)
20. Guatemala 5,681 homicides (38.5 per 100,000)
19. Honduras 7,104 homicides (91.6 per 100,000)
18. Kenya 7,733 homicides (20.1 per 100,000)
17. Sudan 10,028 homicides (24.2 per 100,000) NB: Two armed conflicts in Sudan.
16. Tanzania 10,357 homicides (24.5 per 100,000)
15. Ivory Coast 10,801 homicides (56.9 per 100,000)
14. Venezuela 13,080 homicides (45.1 per 100,000)
13. China 13,410 homicides (1.0 per 100,000)
12. Democratic Republic of the Congo 13,558 homicides (21.7 per 100,000)
11. Pakistan 13,860 homicides (7.8 per 100,000) NB: War in North-West Pakistan.
10. Russia 14,574 homicides (10.2 per 100,000)
9. Colombia 14,670 homicides (31.0 per 100,000) NB: Civil war in Colombia.
8. United States 14,748 homicides (4.8 per 100,000)
7. South Africa 15,940 homicides (31.8 per 100,000)
6. Nigeria 18,422 homicides (12.2 per 100,000)
5. Indonesia 18,963 homicides (8.1 per 100,000)
4. Ethiopia 20,239 homicides (22.5 per 100,000)
3. Mexico 25,757 homicides (22.7 per 100,000) NB: War on drugs in Mexico.
2. India 40,752 homicides (3.4 per 100,000) NB: Insurgency in eastern parts. 
1. Brazil 40,974 homicides (21.0 per 100,000)
What happened to North Korea? It’s actually number 26 and just outside the list with its 3,658 murders (15,2 per 100,000).

The most dangerous countries per 100,000 people

This list is usually put forward in articles, and understandably so. It gives an overview of murders in percentages of the population. But St. Kitts and Nevis, a small country with 20 accumulated murders may still not seem to be very dangerous, despite being number 8 on the list with 38.2 homicides per 100,000 people.
Only the Americas and Africa are represented on this list with 15 and 10 countries, respectively. The United States is understandably not here thanks to a population of 312 million people. Some cities would have been though, according to this article from January 22 in The Atlantic Cities.
25. Burundi 21.7 homicides per 100,000 (1,726)
24. Dominica 22.1 homicides per 100,000 (15)
23. Guinea 22.5 homicides per 100,000 (2,152)
22. Ethiopia 22.5 homicides per 100,000 (20,239)
21. Mexico 22.7 homicides per 100,000 (25,757) NB: War on drugs in Mexico.
20. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines 22.9 homicides per 100,000 (25)
19. Sudan 24.2 homicides per 100,000 (10,028) NB: Two armed conflicts.
18. Tanzania 24.5 homicides per 100,000 (10,357)
17. Dominican Republic 25.0 homicides per 100,000 (2,513)
16. Saint Lucia 25.2 homicides per 100,000 (44)
15. Bahamas 27.4 homicides per 100,000 (94)
14. Central African Republic 29.3 homicides per 100,000 (1,240)
13. Congo 30.8 homicides per 100,000 (1,180)
12. Colombia 31.0 homicides per 100,000 (14,670) NB: Civil war in Colombia.
11. South Africa 31.8 homicides per 100,000 (15,940)
10. Trinidad and Tobago 35.2 homicides per 100,000 (472)
9. Lesotho 35.2 homicides per 100,000 (764)
8. Saint Kitts and Nevis 38.2 homicides per 100,000 (20)
7. Guatemala 38.5 homicides per 100,000 (5,681)
6. Belize 41.4 homicides per 100,000 (129)
5. Venezuela 45.1 homicides per 100,000 (13,080)
4. Jamaica 52.2 homicides per 100,000 (1,430)
3. Ivory Coast 56.9 homicides per 100,000 (10,801)
2. El Salvador 69.2 homicides per 100,000 (4,308)
1. Honduras 91.6 homicides per 100,000 (7,104)
The two lists are quite different, as it is unlikely that a small country will have a high accumulated number, even though the percentage is high. So, what is the most dangerous country?

The combined list

By combining the positions on the two lists, we will make a third one. Venezuela is for example placed 14 and 5. 14+5=19. We can assume that the lower the combined number, the more dangerous the country. Brazil has the most homicides, but is not among the top 25 on the deadliest per 100,000 people list, neither is the US. The worst ten from the two combined lists will then be:

10. Tanzania: 18+16=34
9. Guatemala: 7+20=27
8. Ethiopia=22+4=26
7. El Salvador: 2+23= 25
6. Mexico: 21+3=24

5. Colombia: 12+9=21
4. Honduras: 1+19=20
3. Venezuela: 5+14=19
2. South Africa: 11+7=18
1. Ivory Coast: 3+15=18

How about the more pleasant end of the list? Some of the least populated countries in the world are overrepresented here. Several of the world’s least visited countries also appear on both lists. Two countries have no homicides whatsoever.

The 10 safest countries in accumulated numbers

1. Palau No homicides 
1. Monaco No homicides
3. Iceland 1 homicide (0.3  per 100,000)
4. Federated States of Micronesia 1 homicide (0.9 per 100,000)
5. Tonga 1 homicide (1.0 per 100,000)
6. Andorra 1 homicide (1.3 per 100,000)
7. Liechtenstein 1 homicide (2.8 per 100,000)
8. Nauru 1 homicide (9.8 per 100,000) PS: The least visited country in the world.
9. Brunei 2 homicides (0.5 per 100,000)
10. Vanuatu 2 homicides (0.9)

The 10 safest countries per 100,000 people

1. Palau No homicides
1. Monaco No homicides
3. Iceland 0.3 per 100,000 (1)
4. Singapore 0.3 per 100,000 (16)
5. Japan 0.4 per 100,000 (506)
6. Brunei0.5 per 100,000 (2)
7. Bahrain 0.6 per 100,000 (6)
8. Norway 0.6 per 100,000 (29)
9. Austria0.6 per 100,000 (56)
10. Slovenia 0.7 per 100,000 (15)
Note that the Vatican, the world’s least populated country, is not on the list of UNODC. There are presumably no homicides in the homeland of the Pope, either. 


  1. This set of listings makes little sense. Plus, there are many metrics on safety beyond just homicide!

  2. I live in Indonesia (Java)as a foreigner (french). Depends on where you go, what's your hebaviors in general with local people, what kind of activity you plan to have in Indonesia. But if you come as a normal persone, don't make deal with drug dealer (VERY bad idea) or weapon traffickers, etc … in a word, you don't plan any criminal activity, you will be safe in Indo. Indonesian are very friendly people. If you smile to them, talk nicely, they will welcome you. Just care of your gear.

  3. weird the bahrain comes the 7th under The 10 safest countries per 100,000 people considering whats going on right now their, i dont really think is safe, based on what this research was done

  4. This list is clearly not a fair reflection of danger as most of the homicides in mexico and south america relate to rival drug gangs. Where is Somalia or Syria? they have been labelled as no go areas by the UK FCO.yet are not on a worlds most dangerous countries list.

  5. The list is based on 'official' numbers of killings in each country, and those numbers are from before the Syria civil war started. I presume Syria would be on the most recent list. Somalia on the other hand has become much safer the last year.

  6. WWOWOWOWOWO!!!! Gunnar, loved this article and I might tell you, it's quite accurate!!!!
    I was rushing, reading country by country and trying to find ONE SPECIFICALLY….and wowowow!!! was I surprised!!! I was born in Brazil, and in many ways I agree with you, afterall I felt quite apprehensive in my last family visit in 2007. In the Northeastern area I was born and became a young adult, Joao Pessoa (state capital of Paraiba) ued to be quite safe as most other states in the neighborhood! Not today anymore. Can't wear nothing you usually do here in the US such as watches, new tennis shoes, anykind of jewelry, and as a tourist/visitor, don't you dear carry any nice cameras to take pictures of the beauty of the ocean and of the beautiful nature that is in ""your face"" kind of beauty…you're making yourself a huge TARGET!!! I felt unsafe and fearful of walking anywhere alone. My relatives adviced me to really be aware of my surroundings…the thieves usually will follow you in pairs and may even smile at you, waiting for the right moment to grab whatever they find is worthy of ""cash."" That happened to me in Fortaleza, at Praia de Iracema. Anyways, you still can be safer in Brazil than in some of Africans or Asian countries! Congrats…Ethan.

  7. as a Russian citizen, I can tell that Russia is not safe at all, compared to the United States. Those homicide data are based on reports, and many Russians just don't report those issues. Vigilante justice governs in most cases..Or many women don't report abuse.

  8. Despite all the critics and misinformation, I did not find Iran in the list. Living in Iran is pretty safe.

  9. What you talking about, people, LOL. Safe or not safe…Childish talking. NOWHERE is safe where is human beings living! What, you have a life time guarantee that in Norway you never gonna be shot or somebody will still your wallet near Prado Museum? Such a stupid…

  10. Like everywhere else in the world. Actually this kind of list looks to me pretty abusive and racial…People everywhere the same.

  11. It doesn't mean NOTHING!!! And how many potential bastards among us? And how many NOT in jail yet??? Do you think it' never gonna be crime anymore? Job well done? We talk about society. We talk about potential criminal which is NOT commit their crimes yet. Is this YOUR POINT? Such a silly!

  12. This is misleading information, I live in Indonesia and our tourism increased every year, many tourists who came to our beloved country feel safe and want to come back.

    yes our country have problem with homicide and murderer but it doesn't mean our country is a dangerous place to live.

  13. Ill meet you for a coffee at the village cafe restuarant in mogadishu then. oh wait a minuite. it was blown to bits by a suicide bomber in september killing 14 people. How on earth can you claim somalia has become safe.

  14. Sou sobrevivente do Brasil, hahaha PRO BRASILIA FIANT EXIMIA, LOL \//\//waoint esteve aqui.

  15. hmmm..being Pakistani,i regard this country as DANGEROUS to live in..but but USA should be on the top of the list..YES!! they have highest number of prisoners and almost all in jail but the point is ''AFTER COMMITTING CRIME'' the loss has been suffered,isn't it? but yet people create mountain of molehill if any any attack occurs in my country..SIGH!! see the world children!!

  16. i am glad Nigeria was not mentioned anywhere in the various lists, yet some claim Naija is not safe. there is relative peace everywhere except some few States in the Northern parts of the Country, no thanks to "Bloody Boko Haram"

  17. do you realize that most of the murders in tanzania are between the elite and the unlucky people who are caught in the crossfire? tanzania is safe for tourist as long as you take the usual precautions and worse thing that happens is that you lose your wallet or gear

  18. Hi Gunnar

    First of all thanks for all your great posts. I love reading them.
    I get the point you are trying to make on which countries are the most dangerous. I assume the report that you refer to is this: http://www.unodc.org/documents/data-and-analysis/statistics/Homicide/Globa_study_on_homicide_2011_web.pdf
    We have to remember that all these estimates are conducted between 2006-2010.
    E.g. in 2008, Somalia had only 138 (!) homicides out of a population of 10 million. Further, Syria had 582 (3 in 100,000).

    It is hard to tell exactly what is happening in some countries like these, as it is probably only very few of the true homicides that are being reported, as to why it can be hard to interpret these numbers as being final.

    Maybe you could elaborate a bit on where you felt the most unsafe when you travelled yourself? It would be highly appreciated 🙂

    Regards from Denmark

  19. Hi Mads,

    Such list will never be totally accurate nor up to date, but they can give us a certain idea of the situation in countries.

    I have been to all 198 countries, but never felt particularly unsafe in any of them. I was threatened to take a taxi by the police in Karachi, they told me it was not safe to walk the streets alone and I almost got in a fight in Somalia. I must have been very lucky to have steered clear of dangerous regions when there has been trouble there.

  20. It seems like it. I do, however, also think that the ministry of foreign affairs in Scandinavia make a huge fuss of smaller problems within certain regions of countries.
    Did you hire bodyguards in some of the countries that you visited?

  21. There are some in jail, and those that there are in jail already killed, Got the point?

  22. OMG :/ I live in South Africa n it is by far the unsafest 2 me lol, every year the crime rate gets higher.I jst got robbed 2day(pick pocketed) n last week my aunt got robbed.it has become sooooo unsafe.I wana go live in New Zealand now.lol got no money tho 🙂 haha

  23. About Somalia, my information is that contrary to Somalia proper, the de facto state of Somalia in the north is quite secure. iS THAT ACCURATE ,

  24. Let me tell you a little bit about the problem of Somalia. Surely, the problems in somalia have been exaggerated by the world media. Despite what you may have heard from the media, you could live in Somalia without government in the past 15 years.Could you believe that in somalia you could collect your money from the Bank by putting it into your mobile phone and you don't even need to have cash on your pocket. By using your mobile phone, when you want to pay a cup of coffee, you send that money from your mobile to the coffee shopper.Almost every town in Somalia there is a branch of bank transfer and airstrips were working properly. The two largest hospitals in Mogadishu have 160 beds in their wards and they have never filled until Al-shabab has emerged on the ground, which has caused the biggest disaster ever that has been happened in Somalia. Currently the situation in the country has improved rapidly and surprisingly and it is worth to be mentioned, sometimes you may not heard even one person that is reported to be killed in three weeks time and you know it is a country which is recovering the longest civil war in history. The north and the east of the country had already a some sort of a reliable peace and they are continuously improving until now.

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  26. A very good post indeed. It's a shame about some of the responses. I have to admit that the way how tides work is just fascinating. Basically the same cycle is repeated over and over

  27. This is my first time i visit here. I found so many interesting stuff in your blog especially its discussion. From the tons of comments on your articles, I guess I am not the only one having all the enjoyment here! keep up the good work.

  28. Significam sim. Eu moro no Brasil, nem todos crimes são reportados pela polícia, i.e., pode ser pior ainda. Eu tenho medo de sair com uma câmera fotográfica na mão, é um verdadeiro chamariz para assaltantes. Você não pode abrir sua carteira e contar o dinheiro em público, todos os dias alguma linha de ônibus sofre assalto. Não estou com vontade de escrever em inglês. Usem o Google Translator.

  29. hahhaha, gostei… Eu tbm sou brasileiro e aqui ta dificil mesmo… Tenho medo de sair nas ruas, e não assisto aos telejornais sensacionalistas… Se não fico louca e nem saio de casa… Tambem não estou a fim de escrever em Ingles, e usem o google tradutor, kkkkkkkkkk

  30. I respect the attempt to quantitatively measure the world's most dangerous countries, but the limited metric (and the variation in how reliable such statistics are across-countries and how they are defined) of homicide rates is completely useless here. The very idea of 'most dangerous' is problematic: most dangerous to whom?

    These complaints aside, there are a few countries that are either not on this list at all or are not placed 'highly' which are clearly more dangerous than those ranked highest.

    Most notable: Somalia is almost certainly the most dangerous 'country' on Earth using most any definition, with little room to debate. The DRC is probably right behind. Papua New Guinea, Zimbabwe, Yemen…

    And, of course, war torn countries like Iraq, Afghanistan and, these days, Syria, must be right at the top.

    All this leaves out countries that are dangerous in the sense of having especially cruel authoritarian governments – the countries where the state is dangerous to its own people: North Korea, Turkmenistan…

  31. Dos paises que fiquei nunca fui assaltado. No brasil, mesmo com todo cuidado, não pude evitar as vezes. No brasil só quem tem liberdade são os bandidos. E o pior que a maioria dos brasileiros se ofendem se alguem quer mostrar que em outros lugares do mundo não funcionam como o brasil. Em lugares civilizados não é ok ser agredido ou roubado ou permitir corrupção politica a vistas claras como é no brasil.

  32. It really matters? More dangerous to human beings. Unless some people think their life worth more than the others. Like in Brazil when a tourist got tortured a end dead, the drug dealer really doesn't care if one is a european tourist ou an african worker. Just google for the local news.

  33. Brazil can be very dangerous depending on where you go. The crimes rates are very low in some cities, specially those in the state of São Paulo (not the capital itself) and the southern cities 😉

  34. Incrível que onde eu moro, posso andar tranquilamente na rua sem medo de assaltos, nunca fui vítima disso. Só porque vocês moram em lugares ferrados não quer dizer que TODO país viva nessa situação, vide interior de SP e Sul.

  35. I live in Brazil and its not dangerous depending where you go, like Dedino said. The crime is very concentrated in a few locals, usually in the favelas and suburbs of the biggest cities bacause of drugs dealers etc…
    You can see that when you consider the lists using the most dangerous countries per 100,000 people and the combined list, where Brazil doesn`t even appear.

  36. I am from Mexico and even if we have the drug war that doesn't mean you are going to get killed as a tourist, and you haven't even consider the fact that we are almost 120 million people, so yeah when you see the news it sounds worse than it really is, so it isn't fair to just scare people about Mexico, when a lot of tourist come here and go back to their countries safe.

  37. as an Iranian, I agree. it's just the social restrictions imposed by the government that sucks. otherwise it's very safe

  38. Wooow …What a beautiful world.
    Set in the Indian Ocean in South Asia, the tropical island nation of Sri Lanka has a history dating back to the birth of time. It is a place where the original soul of Buddhism still flourishes and where nature’s beauty remains abundant and unspoilt.

    Few places in the world can offer the traveller such a remarkable combination of stunning landscapes, pristine beaches, captivating cultural heritage and unique experiences within such a compact location. Within a mere area of 65,610 kilometres lie 8 UNESCO World Heritage Sites, 1,330 kilometres of coastline – much of it pristine beach – 15 national parks showcasing an abundance of wildlife, nearly 500,000 acres of lush tea estates, 250 acres of botanical gardens, 350 waterfalls, 25,000 water bodies, to a culture that extends back to over 2,500 years.

    This is an island of magical proportions, once known as Serendib, Taprobane, the Pearl of the Indian Ocean, and Ceylon. Discover refreshingly Sri Lanka!


  39. Brazil is very dangerous. I live here for 29 years. I read the news and watch TV every day. Don't believe the ones who say here is peaceful. Violence is growing in everywhere here

  40. Yes that true, just got back.US citizens must have a local guide with them at all times and are not allowed out at night. Social restrictions by the government keep it safe, even as a woman (cant swim in swimming pools even at tourist hotels as a resident guest,etc) …but cant say the same for the roads where you are really likely to come unstuck ..since their New Year,March 18 this year, death toll on roads 2 months ago hit 100,000..saw some real horror smashes…17 burnt in a bus that crashed in to another 16 injured…47 on board a tourist bus killed the day before..can say more but that is enough.

  41. I was suprised to read about St Kitts and Trinidad as some of the most dangerous. Jamaica yes not Trinidad. Regarding the safest maybe New Zealand, Japan, Malta, Cyprus, Denmark and Cuba can count amongst the safest.

  42. You should've visited Islamabad,Pakistan instead of Karachi. Islamabad is a safe place and the most modern city in Pakistan.

  43. Belize isn't that bad it all depends on what you do and say because in fact even gang members and drug dealers are nice and mannerly in Belize

  44. Indian is in top list of American kidnapping.
    Pakistan almost all city is safe and peace else Karachi
    Islamabad,Lahore,Muri,Gujrawala all of them good for living…..

  45. I'm from the Philippines. Actually, homicide is low as compared to crimes in other countries listed. But what's not good here is that due to poverty, some people resort to stealing. So tourists should be careful and not wear anything fancy or flashy. Some people steal but do not kill. And just as long as you stay away from the Mindanao area, then you'd be fine. 🙂

  46. I am always ready to explore new places, new countries but never want to go Afghanistan. I love traveling but I love myself too. Afghanistan is top in my dangerous country for traveling. Safety is always very important when you want to go any country. I think Afghanistan is not safe for tourist specialty for US citizen.

  47. Great information about Dangerous Countries. I am from pakistan and i feel proud.
    But i want go in USA next Vatican i try for USA. I thing USA best place for living and business.

  48. I have lived in Brasil for nearly 15 years. Anyone who says the violence is localized, or those who come every year and stay in five star hotels and say they`ve never seen anything are to be totally discounted. The violence is generalized with some places worse than other, but this is a country in a tailspin with no end in sight in terms of violence.There are many resons for it, but they are far too detailed to get into here.

  49. Personally I'm quite disappointed in this article. As a traveler I'm not that concerned about homicides. Homicide figures are virtually irrelevant for a traveller. A fair share of homicides take place between people who know each other and are the result of a dispute (in a family, business or criminal setting). In some countries also war activities may result in a fair number of 'murders', in many countries this is quite localised e.g. gang wars in certain parts of certain cities or certain regions/frontlines.

    The real danger for travelers is traffic. In many countries one of the major causes of unnatural deaths and one to which a traveler is exposed above average as traveling means taking part in traffic.

    Terrorism and war may make it to the headlines and scare people most as it's unfamiliar, traffic is the number one unnatural killer of travelers, to my best knowledge at a big distance of all other causes of unnatural deaths.

  50. Hey Garfors, where did you travel in Pakistan. If you online traveled to Karachi, then you missed a lot of nice things Pakistan has to offer. Karachi, although the largest city, is not safe now a days due to gang wars there. But apart from that, entire Pakistan is safe for visiting as a tourist. The most bad condition you can get is to lose you r wallet or precious camera but it is also very rare. Did you visit Lahore, the tourist hub, the food hub and a great historical city. It is very safe to visit as I live there. Just don't go to the tribal areas bordering Afghanistan and you will be safe anywhere in Pakistan. You should also check out the beautiful northern mountainous valleys of Karakoram and Hamaliya.

  51. I have lived in Brazil for my entire life I live in Fortaleza now the fifth populated state in Brazil. I was stolen in 1985 and never more because at that time i had just arrived here from Manaus and had no idea where was dangerous. The tough neighborhoods here are out-skirted so if you do not live in those areas where drug dealers live probably we will not be mugged and it is completely different comparing to Rio where there favelas are on hills around and a mugger comes up from everywhere. Therefore, a lot of information or news that come from Brazil to other countries are from those states where drug dealers are very organized and people are rodded-up and any ordinary discussion ends up shooting

  52. Last year i visit Mexico in my hearst castle san francisco .my friends share thier thought about its dangerousness.Mexico is in fact one of the most visited countries in the world and makes more money from tourism than any other Latin American country. But its abundance of historical and ecological marvels conceals a shoddy track record for human rights, especially in southern parts of the country populated by segregated indigenous peoples and poor urbanites. Then there’s the drug cartels, who are said to employ over 100,000 people in a never-ending clash against narco authorities. Estimates say the drug war here has claimed over 60,000 dead and 20,000 missing, with a homicide rate nearly three times the world average. When 4% of drug related violence claims innocent victims, safety isn’t exactly guaranteed in many parts of the country.

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  54. Wow, that must have been scary. I'm from Pakistan, and you should've visited cities like Islamabad, Murree, Skardu, Khaplu or Jhelum, among literally countless other cities to see what Pakistan is really all about. You can hardly remember you're still in the Pakistan so negatively portrayed by the media when you go to cities other than Karachi 🙂

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  56. Brazil is even worse than this. Police and government official try hard to make the numbers look less ugly, If you get shot at Ipanema beach, they will register your death as drowning at the sea.

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