I love that T-shirt! It was an end of the world gift from my brother Øystein.

I was encouraged to take part in an AmA (Ask me Anything) session on Reddit to answer questions about my occasional manic travelling – having visited 198 countries as the youngest hobby traveller.

I answered a fair amount of questions via email, twitter and here, but why not also go for one of the famous Q&A sessions there too?

Feel free to add your questions on Reddit:

I am Gunnar Garfors, I just finished visiting all the world’s 198 countries as the youngest hobby traveller. Ask me anything.


  1. I am thinking of visiting my friends in Pakistan.
    Share some of your's experience of Pakistan

  2. question : what is a "zimmer frame" ?
    another question : is there an actual norwegian human presence on Bouvet island ?

  3. What was the ugliest country You have ever visited?


    What country had the least friendly people?

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