EBU Recommends FM Switch Off

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7 Responses

  1. londonman says:

    Just shows how out of touch with consumers the EBU is. If anyone was really interested in DAB (at least as far as the UK is concerned) then set sales would not have plateaued for a long time now. There is NO sane reason apart from putting the listeners money indirectly in the pockets of the commercial broadcasters. Forcing listeners to waste their money on buying unwanted radios for their homes and cars is nothing more than theft. FM works just fine.

  2. FM works just fine for whom?

    Feel free to read this blog post which contains links to 18 blog posts that counter your argument.


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  4. Abella Ivan says:

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  5. Anonymous says:

    What happens to all the old radios? Suppose i will have lots of them added to my collection on the walls if it happens.

  6. The same happens to the old radios as to the old computers, mobile phones and television sets. Then again, you can always pass them on to people in other countries where FM is still in use.

  7. Andrerw Rick says:

    To quote point 2 of the EBU recommendations:-

    2. Immediate deployment be done using DAB transmission as defined in ETSI EN 300 401 with

    DAB+ services as defined in ETSI TS 102 563 for digital radio broadcasting in VHF Band III;

    Have they tried telling the UK government, the BBC, Digital radio UK, OFCOM and radio Centre? In the UK they are using low bit rate DAB using outdated MPEG layer 2 encoding. The result is audio quality vastly inferior to FM. I predict that any UK Government that sanctions the switch off of FM without DAB+ being introduced first will be quickly booted out of office.