The Costly Business of DRM

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6 Responses

  1. Now that you have aptly explained it, this should be an issue of consideration when moving or migrating to these places. In case of natural disasters, whether approaching or already happening, the issue of radio transmission is important.

  2. Sean James says:

    The equipment is what makes it costly. But if you can utilize these equipment then it will definitely bring income. Venturing into radio would bring sponsors and advertisements that pay good money.

  3. Zack Bawles says:

    There's a new trend on radio frequency having to do with weight loss. No one has remarked any testimony in favor of this particular means of losing weight. It's yet to be seen.

  4. Jaime Weber says:

    Is this what sailboats should have? If one excels in the selling of boats, then this would be offered as a value-added service upon purchase.

  5. maymay says:

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  6. justin adams says:

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