Why Doesn’t Everybody Drive Ferraris?

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6 Responses

  1. Apart from the reason that Ferraris are way too expensive compared to the usual or common cars, I guess it's also because not practical to use that kind of car on roads everyday. You see, Ferraris are just for bragging rights and not for everyday travel so therefore, it's like buying a car in which you can't bear using cause it just don't match with the roads you will be traveling.

  2. Harry Lynch says:

    There are a lot of factors why there are only few people who buys Ferraris, the very reason I know is, this car is very pricy and only those in high class can buy it. Since this car is a high maintenance one, for sure it needs to be checked regularly, and we all know that only selected stores sell car accessories and parts for this one.

  3. Rick Hunter says:

    Keeping up with the maintenance is what's hard about having a Ferrari. Specs are expensive, as well as hard to find in case of unexpected incidents. Better choose a not so expensive car and get wild with your specs for a smooth sailing joyride everyday.

  4. I think DAB+ will still be around and kicking for longer. Unlike the newer systems, it doesn't fall prey to not being able to prove itself, compared to DVB. I don't DVB wouldn't be available in your standard electronics store anytime soon, and that could be another deciding factor.

  5. Simon says:

    Why would it be expensive if the broadcaster has to do DVB-T2 anyway?

  6. maymay says:

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