What about Digital Radio in Africa?

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  1. Everywhere I travel throughout Eastern Washington, I hear from people demanding we do a better job of controlling our borders and reducing illegal immigration.

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  2. Good posting! Digital TV Africa. Digital TV Africa

  3. A great deal of not genuine actualities in this story.It appears that the DAB lobby is getting its propaganda through easily.The FM radio is NOT going to be "switched-off" whatsoever.Its about the legislature compelling its own particular controlled public service radio companies switching to DAB+.No nation on the planet can constrain any business or group radio station to leave the FM band as it is situated by the ITU and utilized as a part of 200 nations.Likewise EU regulations will preclude any EU part state to keep its resident off the FM band.Likewise the Commission will challenge any legislature financing such a switch-off without a comparative support to other digital platforms as DRM+,satellite and Internet.
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