Those Left Behind

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5 Responses

  1. Jane Lean says:

    Saw this during the summer whilst in Norway. We live in Australia, have travelled on the coastal steamer along with at least 30 other Australians I know of. We plan to do the journey from south to North again in 2013. Love the Hurtigruta, love Norway. A beautiful place and Norwegians are truly blessed to live in one, if not, the most beautiful place on earth.

  2. Mark Shergold says:

    Gunnar – re IP ranges:

    BQ – Caribbean Netherlands
    CW – Possibly Curaçao
    GG – Guernsey (Channel Islands)
    IM – Isle of Man
    JE – Jersey (Channel Islands)

    I'll let you buy me a beer next time you're in London!

  3. Hehe…deal, Mark! Only one, though? 😉

  4. Anonymous says:

    Gunnar you've probably already mentioned it in your blog and I'm just blind but what was your favourite country that you visited??