Why FM Must Go

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2 Responses

  1. The problem is: When going to digital tv we all could keep our current tv-sets. It was just a new box in the living room, and for quite a few people not even a new box, as cable companies and satelite companies had been using digital tv for years already.

    Also digital-tv offered a much better picture. Anyone can see the difference between digital and analog tv.

    With radio, we have to trash millions of radios. There are literally no cars with DAB. No handsets (as the big mobile producers couldn't care less about DAB).

    People don't hear the difference, as the signal of FM already is pretty good. In some listening tests, FM ever provided better sound quality than DAB.

    And finally, indoor reception – sorry about the language – sucks blig time. When FM passes through walls quite easily, DAB is as easily stopped.

    I'm not against upgrading infrastructure and going digital: But PLEASE: Don't offer me something that's only slightly better (and in some cases worse), with a gigantic price tag. And hand me the bill afterwards.

  2. The device side of things is changing rapidly. Just as was the case many years ago when FM substituted AM. Both famous and not so famous manufacturers will increase their line up of DAB products in the very near future.

    Indoor coverage will also become much better. Keep in mind that FM has been built to cover "everybody." That is still not the case with DAB which only reaches around 80% of the population.

    I also disagree with you that a vastly increased selection of channels is only slightly better. Of course, both of us live in Oslo which has a good selection of channels (and other leisure activities), but most people live outside cities where such offerings are available.

    The price tag is furthermore not gigantic. You can get receivers costing less than 30USD (in Norway). The price will drop dramatically as demand increases. The cost of transmissions must also be taken into account, as you are paying for double distribution of both DAB and FM, the latter of which is much, much more expensive.