Double Distribution, Just Don’t Do It

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4 Responses

  1. Anonymous says:

    Some tims I wonder where the intelligence could be inside NRK.

    If double distribution is a problem for NRK, they should at least cut off CATV, IPTV and satelite and only spend money on terrestrial service!

    Next article should be like this "Why Garfors Must Go".

  2. Hehe, you are welcome to write it.

  3. Tuija Aalto says:

    I agree with the current situation regarding available bandwidth for "IP broadcasting." I'm just wondering if the P2P model would some day be actually useful in this? People are using Skype fluently, what if there was a "Microsoft TV" that helped even the data load in the network? I have no reason to believe such a thing is being planned, but then again, maybe P2P distribution will be the norm onne day?

  4. Anonymous says:

    If you look at the disaster in the Netherlands on Friday, where the biggest Tower in Hoogersmilde fell down because of a fire, they can only rely on AM to cover the north place of the country.

    So if double distribution is a problem, you better look at this video:

    Now they need to relate on AM/MW.