Cry Wolf, Cry Pad

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4 Responses

  1. I think you are wrong, and hope to write a longer answer on why soon.

    Ironically, about half the reasons you use against the iPad are valid reasons against DMB that you spend most of your time defending…

    But hey, always fun to find exactly 20 reasons.

  2. Andreas Wiik says:

    7-ern er viktig for meg. Skal jeg og kona ha hvert vårt nettbrett med hvert vårt Aftenposten abonnenment? Uaktuelt!!!

  3. Hehe, I talk about DMB in general and the technologies advantages, I don't defend it or its existence.

    First of all, it is surprising that you disagree with me on this based on similar points from a totally different discussion (even though if some points may be valid or relevant in both discussions).

    And I find it a little strange that you compare what I have listed in this blogpost to DMB (MiniTV) which is about radio and TV. You always needed a device to receive both of those media. A newspaper or magazine was always consumed differently, on its own paper – almost like being its own device.

    You do specifically disagree with points 1, 3, 7 and 9 (in a comment on Facebook). The last three relates to my comments above.

    My 20 reasons will most likely be added to shortly, no worries 🙂

    And a longer answer is certainly always appreciated.

  4. Anonymous says:

    "14. They brake easily when falling to the ground."

    If this were to be true, I would say it's a good thing…